Protected: Blind Sight Perspective

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Guilt of Innocence

Chapter 3 ∅ Silence’s Screech Ξ “I swear it wasn’t me! Why would I ever hurt her?” said my voice, echoing through the tarnished walls of my head, jumping out into the unknown. “Then explain why she calls an Unknown number, out of the blue, just before she falls off a 19-storey building?” said the shadows […]

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Drowning to Breathe.

  Chapter 2 δ The Drowning Mermaid χ   It is said, that Aeons before our first footprints on Earth, life began in water. As far as I’d see it, so did mine, as I fell in love, with a drowning mermaid. Rain began to fascinate me, eyes began to speak to me. Images of […]

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Sunshine under my Umbrella

Chapter 1 ℘ Butterflies in                      my Stomach ℜ The Protons and neutrons of the atom are bonded together by the most powerful force known to Science. So powerful, yet its strength lies only inside its radius of the nucleus. Such is love, its presence is […]

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Here’s my story.

Chapter 0 ℵ Humble Beginnings ℜ     Love, a complicated snare. Many wise men have come, many more are yet to be born. This, is my wisdom, my story. My story is one of many, and it may never be as great as Shakespeare’s tales of love or the Ballad’s of Lochinvar, yet this […]

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A Casket for a Queen

I would write you a Ballad, but you would think that you were still in my head, I would write you a poem, but you would think that you were still in my heart. Instead, I write you an Eulogy, for you must know you’re no more to me.

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A Castle for a Queen.

Walking down the aisle, I stood, I poised, I paused. “To be, or not to be” Stood in my heart, The future ahead, the future behind, two very different, a tale I cannot rewind. “To be, or not to be” A groom for a bonny bride, A King for a Queen by my side. “To […]

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