Just Something to Make You Smile.

So, if you’re a girl,  change the gender of the pronouns.! If you’re a guy, respect women. So, Love, It’s is something much much more than just the enunciation of the three words.  It’s easy just saying those three words, not hard at all.  But it’s what comes after, that decides what it means.  Personally, […]

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To show love, thy beating heart, picked you my life, to keep you n’er apart. As my fangs, not musical to the symphony of death, waters your tearing blood, yet don’t stop do thee, for drowned are you in flood. A green serpent, bore a thousand heads, some bloodied by your lustful desire, like a […]

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The Dice of Destiny

Dropped, descending down eternity to go on until it reached the very end. Two wooden dice, fall on the muddy Earth together making ‘one’, the very beginning of epiphany existence.   The dice, dropped without a trace, along with it sprout an ethereal life, as the dice pushed a seed into the soil when life […]

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Les Fleurs du Mort

I walk through the garden of death, beneath the chasm of the heavens. The fair flowers of Eden send their faint fragrances that lead me on and on, yet far from being aborn.    A body, stone cold buried beneath the dirt, heart shattered that caused something beyond hurt. A body was I, as cold as […]

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The Queen of the Skies

  The skies have answered, the lords have shown, ‌ the heaven unfurls their aisle, as the flowers of Eden decorate the altar, and I see you descend, down the skies, in your bridal gown. ‌Dusk, it’s a beautiful thing, over the ebbing horizon, over the celestial sea, the soul light that shines dark, . […]

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That’s it? You’re giving up? Wait, don’t give up yet. Look back at all those footsteps, look back to all those memories, look back to all your loved ones, and yes, look back to remember, why you started in the first place, because you’d never give up, if you had a cause to start with. […]

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