Drowning to Breathe.


Chapter 2

δ The Drowning Mermaid χ


It is said, that Aeons before our first footprints on Earth, life began in water.
As far as I’d see it, so did mine, as I fell in love, with a drowning mermaid.
Rain began to fascinate me, eyes began to speak to me. Images of her flashed all across my head, for I could see, breathe, touch, feel, think only about her.

Her smooth hair, wet from the rain, as a strand peeked out of her braid to cover her beautiful left eye, as she hid it back, tucked into her left ear.
Her eyes, fresh from happiness, brown, like the colour of mud of a rose pot, begging to show worlds beyond humanity’s comprehension.
Her tiny hands, holding the little man, as if he were Simba, the only heir to pride rock, as she stood next to me, under my nose. Tiny as she was, perfect to fit under my chin.
Her voice, so powerful and eloquent, the voice of a singer, not out of practice but of patience and compassion that leaked out harmony with every word lost from her tongues and lips.

Would I see her again, would I be able to just feel that happiness, that heartthrob. Would I ever see her again?
Love works in mysterious ways, as a butterfly flapped its wings again, probably so to get us together, just like her wings.

It was late September in India, the time when the sunsets were the most magnificent as the sky cleared its dusty clouds to showcase its ethereal beauty that drew no parallel, or so I knew.

My friends fancied rivers, the calm ones that one could just dive into, where people didn’t bring their Bison, plastic or garbage for a trip to the seas, but a place where mankind simply becomes one with nature and adorns her children, just like the rain that adorns her atomies.

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t fancy swimming, for I did love it. So much so, I’d hate coming back up for a breath for the world underneath sparkled just as the skies above,

as fish shyly pass across my feet, as a bloomsail ventured far beyond its mother trees,

as twigs and fins intertwined as in a loom, little did I know, what intertwines ahead in the very loom of fate that stitched the very fabric of our existence.

I was pulled down without warning, dragged down to the Earth of the flowing Sea, I thought it was a game of my friends and so I played along as I swam deeper and “escaped”.

Little did I know that it was not my friend, not yet at least, as I turned around to have a laugh at their pitiful snare. Snare I did see, yet just not for me.  A woman, stuck to the ground, as beautiful as a mermaid Queen of the sea, as the purple skies adorned her eyes, I knew it was her.

She was breathing water and was trembling in deep to escape, drowning with her eyes full of water, and her nose giving away. As bubbles seek the surface to be reunited with their atmosphere, I swam across to save the little Queen.

The current did not favour my decision, as it roared upon my face and body, with trouts and twigs piercing through, as it were already not challenging enough. I’d already exceeded by breath and was chocking as water filled my lungs, yet I conquered across, to save a damsel in distress.

On my shoulder, kicking as fast as I could,

brought her up to the surface, that’s the most I could.

Weeping, dying for air was she, dying as the sunset on my closing eyes was I. Alive, another day for the Queen, I knew. Death, another dream for me, I flew.

It was her, I knew it was. I woke up, to see the stars adorn the sky,

as if it were death mocking me, “Love is just a lie”.

I woke up, holding hands, hands I knew not before. Woke up, holding hands, I wish it’d never let go. It was her, her eyes, that greet me, smiling through the doors of death. “Thank you,” her voice said, as it blew me out of my head.

She left, and I felt heavy, all the water in my lungs, my heart was never so heavy. My voice so faint so dull, she couldn’t hear. My friends, my mother, dropped a smile upon a tear. “You brave little Prince, your heart is full of gold. Saving a life, nearly losing yours, that is really brave, my little Ary.” As people covered my sight, to appreciate me, I lost her sight, but I knew she’d never leave me, as she held my hand so very tight.

A few nights passed, as I still slept reminiscing the past, if only I met her once properly I would be able to tell her how much I loved her. Yet, as I said. Love works in mysterious ways, as it set many suns and moons in the sky, because it loomed me into fate, again.

My phone began to ring, “At this time of the night?” I asked myself. Had I done something wrong? Who could possibly be calling me right now?

“Private Number,” Said the caller ID. I started to panic, who was this anonymous night-lover to call me at 3 am?

I attended the call, and only silence greeted me. I assumed it was a wrong number and went to disconnect the call…but then a voice greeted me.


Was this real? Was this true? Was I still fast asleep, or were it butterflies in my stomach, drowning to breathe? Could it be?


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