Here’s my story.

Chapter 0

ℵ Humble Beginnings ℜ



Love, a complicated snare.

Many wise men have come, many more are yet to be born.

This, is my wisdom, my story.

My story is one of many, and it may never be as great as Shakespeare’s tales of love or the Ballad’s of Lochinvar, yet this is my story, and I live to have loved and unwound the tale. My Story is one of many and the world will not suffer if it ends too soon.

My name is Aryan, a year older than my better half, and yet all the more the same height. Born on the 26th of March, the day the Moon stood the largest in the sky, was I, born a little Prince, into my not-very-well off family of humble citizens. Love was but a word in the dictionary to me, a divine calling only to those wealthy enough. In a world run by politics, fed by money, slaughtered by mankind, where was I to find myself a Queen, when mere survival was at extinction.

Hemanika, Hemanika the girl of my dreams, was born a day after me, a year after me, 27th March, a Sunday, when the sunset as bright as possible, with the aurora dancing in the skies, born to be a Queen of an Empire larger than Imagination. A woman, of considerable solitude, chained by her ego and passion to make people succumb to her will.

This is the story of how we met, fell in love, drowned in it, had dreams that never came true, woke up to realities that one could never fathom, while one burnt to ashes to nurture the soil for another rose to bloom in the other’s heart.

This is my story, my journey towards the end of a new beginning.

This is a tale of steam and snow, a war of imagination and reality, a war between love and love, for balance is desired, yet never reached.

This is my path towards chaos, balance, catastrophe and…




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