Sunshine under my Umbrella

Chapter 1

℘ Butterflies in

                     my Stomach ℜ

The Protons and neutrons of the atom are bonded together by the most powerful force known to Science. So powerful, yet its strength lies only inside its radius of the nucleus.

Such is love, its presence is not even felt when far away, yet when two people destined to be together come near, there’s nothing that can separate them. Love, the most powerful force known to Mankind.

Love isn’t instantaneous, but when in love, an instant lasts forever.

They say that if a Butterfly, at the right place and right time, flaps its wings, It could cause catastrophe thousands of miles away, the story of how disaster meets beauty.

I too set eyes on Hemanika because of a butterfly, as it flapped its wings, who knew disaster was destined, so far away, in our very course of time. It was a rainy day Sunday, and me being a weather fanatic, had bought my Umbrella, reluctant to get wet after the tears at church for my yawns simply couldn’t resist the boredom of the mass.

She was there too, hiding under the clouds, dancing in the fresh petrichor. What a wild little lass, I thought to myself, as I walked past her, back home. As she gallivanted through the streets, dancing and singing to herself, in a world of her own creation, a bark brought her back to reality.

The silent cries of a homeless pup, on the streets, wet, shivering by the silvery threads of heaven, barked in fear and fright. Just as anyone would expect, she picked it up and ran towards me, a somnambulist gliding home, and hides under the shade of my Umbrella.

What a creep, I thought to myself, Only to turn around and ask her, why I was being followed.

“There’s enough sunshine in the world to keep us safe, to make plants grow and keep us warm. Yet, there’s better sunshine under your umbrella for this little man now, for a butterfly knows not when to flap its wings under the sunshine far away.” And So I met Hemanika, little did I know she’d turn out to be the rain to my drought sooner than ever, there, that rainy Sunday, under the “Sunshine Under my Umbrella” was the first time I met her, destiny? I think not.

Sunshine under the Umbrella, I was lashed. I’d never seen anyone speak like that, My ears were filled with joy as my eyes locked on hers. Who was the creep now? I convinced myself, that if a butterfly were to ever flap its wings again, I would be sure to see her again too, And so as I wished, I gave her my Umbrella and said, “the rain’s given you a gift. I’m no god, yet, here, take my sunshine, It’s yours. Take good care of her”.

As I  away, and walked back home in the same silvery threads as she danced in back home, drenched by the rain, drowned in thoughts of her, only hoping to see her again.

What catastrophe lies ahead just so our looms of fate intertwine again?

What shallows that I cannot fathom lie ahead so that I may set foot on a land unconquered by love?

What lies ahead…?




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