Blind Sight Perspective

Chapter 4 

ø Forever for an Instant θ

Life was given to us a long time ago, where humans started out as Animals, surviving to kill, predate and conquer. Mankind evolved from animals, but it’s man’s instinct to swerve the direction of his car when he sees a dog in his way, instead of killing it. The nature to protect from merciless killing is what made men of animals.

Yet, the instincts haven’t left us, for it is said that the Wolf that lives in the mountains is never as hungry as the one climbing it, and thus the man, living to make a name, is always more hardworking than one who was born with one.

With pixels forming reality, I opened my eyes in what seemed like a hospital, with gizmo’s attached to every part of my body. I had people come visit me as I opened my eyes like they’d visit a child upon its birth. Perhaps it was a rebirth, a second chance. I’d been asleep, dreaming for 2 weeks after I fell from the skies.

I didn’t really know how it happened, for I was on a call, with someone important, whose name I can not remember, nor can I remember why that person was important, but his voice, I remember, his idea makes me happy. Who was he? Why did I fall?

As I woke up, as reality came into existence, I began to remember.

It all started a few weeks ago, in a church, late summer. “Were I to ever find love amidst all the people who just see money in me, Oh dear God. I’m sick of love, it’s not beauty, it’s a curse, a disease set out by fools to stitch conflict into existence. Dear, dear good, cure me, vaccinate me from this hideous plague.” said I to the walls of the Church, as I left it.

Little did I know, a lot was going to change.

Flowers are sessile, and thus cannot move by themselves, however beautiful they are, and thus nature gave birth to butterflies so that it may help flowers unite it pollinates and breathes the nectar of flowers.

Humans are sessile too, however beautiful they may be, and thus nature made love as its butterflies so that it may unite them, and so did a butterfly cross my path, to show me what love is.

A butterfly, something that seemed so out of this world flew past me, just to sit on my ring and flap its wings, and show off her wings. She was so beautiful, and I couldn’t resist trying to fly with her in the rain. I didn’t bother with my clothes or hair as I ran into the rain, dancing as how I thought a butterfly queen would. The world around me kept moving, cars and trucks whizzed past me, and I saw another poor soul, lying along the street.

A puppy, a small handsome one, lost, I assumed, drowning in the droplets of rain, watching the world move from its tiny eyes. I ran and puddles made splashes into the dog’s arms, just to lift it up, like on pride rock, to find it shade, and warmth and shelter from the cold spears of rain.

So I look around, to watch trees as they love and dance their leaves in the rain, as so I thought, “How cruel of me to find shade in the shadows of one who loves what he’s protecting me from?” and so I looked again, to find a man with an umbrella, how perfect.

So I sneaked under his shadows to find shade for the little beast, step behind a step, just enough to be in the light of that so forgiving shade of drought. Until he suddenly turned around and looked into my eyes.

“I should’ve just asked,” said I to myself, so embarrassed and my face so red. But, I knew my pride was of much less importance that shelter for the little boy.

“Why are you following me?” Said the man, as if he were just smiling a few seconds before. “There’s enough sunshine in the world to keep us safe, to make plants grow and keep us warm. Yet, there’s better sunshine under your umbrella for this little man now, for a butterfly knows not when to flap its wings under the sunshine far away,” said I.

If that butterfly hadn’t just gotten in my way after my words with god, I’d have been home, clean and dry yet now I, embarrassed as I was stood with a pup looking into the eyes of a guy, not much taller or looked older than me, with the most beautiful umbrella ever.

God works in mysterious ways, and here he did, as he gave me the Umbrella, the sunshine in the rain, perhaps beauty worthy of rainbows to shoot arrows across filthy hearts of love, and walked away, smirking.

“The rain’s given you a gift. I’m no god, yet, here, take my sunshine, It’s yours. Take good care of her” He said as his steps set foot on rain.

“Her?! It was a him, wasn’t it?”I asked myself, as I stood in the rain, richer than ever, a new pup and an umbrella, and the eyes of a man, who I thought I never see again.

Or so I thought….

This is my beginning, my story, of how I make my own name, from the ashes of my past, as men try to hunt me down, as one man hunts the hunters and I conquer all. Victory is certain in a battle, just not of which side, and so I flipped a coin to decide my fate.

My name, Hemanika D’Souza, no. Hemanika, just Hemanika. The rest, I shall make my own. I don’t need to be born a princess to die a Queen, and so I came, I see, and I shall conquer.

Heads or tails?




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