An Ocean of Skies

Chapter 5

∉ Skyfall ∋


I stood alone, along with the margins of the ebbing bay, to see the surface of the never-ending ocean. The sun shimmered along the waters and the moon drowned as hours passed by, until I jumped right into the water, “The vastness of the surface of the ocean, so uncharted and unconquered by mortals, what lies beneath must be only so much bigger, to be left only to immortals.”

As I came ashore, I looked up. An ocean of skies, so vast, it put our seas to shame. How many of those ancient points of light were stuck in the forever darkness? How many have died ever since we were born of which we do not know? How many have been born ever since whose light we haven’t touched? If all the stars but ours ceased to exist today, how many lifetimes would it take for us to realise that we were alone? If stars are but dots, then what are we to those who live beyond?

As I looked into the stars, so did another, begging to prove his innocence to man, guilty of a butterfly’s actions, as he would say, looking for hope in the darkest hours.

A fish, swimming caught my attention as I drifted away along the stream, far beyond that of my boundaries, as my skirt fell prey to the thorns underneath, clenching it and me within. At first, I thought it was a prank, yet as my breath began to give way, I knew it was serious. Bubbles vanishing from my nostrils and mouth, as I shouted in voices unheard under water.

Like Poseidon came a man, diving in. I clenched his legs as he kicked and swirled, as I drowned. As I closed my eyes, I saw another coming towards me, ones I’d seen before, holding an Umbrella for me, I knew at once.

I woke up, as my friends pushed water out of my lungs, just to see if he were alive. I couldn’t find him, not here, not there not anywhere. Until a crowd of people gave way to a man, coughing out water like smoke off a cigarette. I went towards him, as he opened his eyes to see me, I whispered into his ears, and like a fish vanished into the sea of people.

In the next few days, I’d found about everything about my underwater king, his name, his address, his number, his friends, yet I waited.

I stood, across the railing one night when the sun stood to sink deep, a moonless night it was to be, perfect for my Knight of valour to seek me. As I stood, looking into the skies, calling him, I’d heard a noise, but I being too involved in hearing his voice, paid no attention to it.

Silence struck, as he refused to pick up. I tried again, and silence answered..

“Hello,” said I, in a voice of mine, as I felt a gentle push on my back.

Time stopped, the fall felt forever.

I held my breath deep, and hard, in surprise.

I clenched my fists in fear, I looked up to the stars in hope,

and as I closed my eyes…

I heard his voice.


It has been 4 weeks since I fell,

and 2 since I opened my eyes,

a minute since I saw the man who supposedly was responsible,

a second since I knew it wasn’t him,

for he was the man who saved me, by risking his own.

Or was I wrong?


There’s only one way to find out.


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