A Casket for a Queen

I would write you a Ballad, but you would think that you were still in my head, I would write you a poem, but you would think that you were still in my heart. Instead, I write you an Eulogy, for you must know you’re no more to me. Advertisements

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A Castle for a Queen.

Walking down the aisle, I stood, I poised, I paused. “To be, or not to be” Stood in my heart, The future ahead, the future behind, two very different, a tale I cannot rewind. “To be, or not to be” A groom for a bonny bride, A King for a Queen by my side. “To […]

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The Nectral Queen

She was so beautiful, for her eyes knew no bounds, my eyes could see only so little, that the Earth then seemed more than just grounds. Her sight set heaven on hell’s feet, her voice set the rain on fire, I searched and searched, until our eyes, they would meet, yet the skies burnt me […]

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Freedom to Ensnare

Trapped in a lost world for ages, Stand I barred to my cruel cages. Evil that lives, shall lie in its sombre throne, So did you lock me away, trapped, thrown. The evil spider, eight-legged beast, Trapped in the vast globe of globes, did you think to reckon me till my days of judgement. Yet, […]

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To show love, thy beating heart, picked you my life, to keep you n’er apart. As my fangs, not musical to the symphony of death, waters your tearing blood, yet don’t stop do thee, for drowned are you in flood. A green serpent, bore a thousand heads, some bloodied by your lustful desire, like a […]

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Les Fleurs du Mort

I walk through the garden of death, beneath the chasm of the heavens. The fair flowers of Eden send their faint fragrances that lead me on and on, yet far from being aborn.    A body, stone cold buried beneath the dirt, heart shattered that caused something beyond hurt. A body was I, as cold as […]

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